Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parent Letter

Dear Agnes Stewart Middle School Family:

Welcome to sixth grade! I have already been so pleased with your students’ attitudes and behaviors. I hope they will take advantage of all of the positive opportunities at ASMS.

Students are expected to help build community in the classroom by supporting their classmates, respecting each other, and respecting my right to teach.  The relationship between school and family is important to your student’s success!  Please keep me informed.  You may email; check our classroom blog; or call me and leave a message on school days. I teach from 10:15-1:30.  I welcome emails from families!  Don’t be shy!

As your student prepares for upper grades and high school it is so important to be self-managing.  Self-managers become “Trail Masters” at Agnes Stewart!  Trail Masters use good social skills, study skills, and positive behavior. Ask your student about Trail Masters, Honor Roll, and Paw Prints. 

Study Skills
The best tool to help your student to become independent with study skills is the planner.  Inside this planner is your student’s daily schedule. Check your student’s planner daily and look in his/her binder.  Students must write down assignments, check them off when completed, and circle ones that were not completed on time and still must be finished. 

The best way to keep track of current grades is to log in to  Look for more information on how  to see student grades online later. 

Trish Stolp

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